Wednesday, 23 September 2009

21st september meeting

Another chatty meeting was had.
Jenny has started her jacket and is getting on well with it.
Avis is progressing with her sock and learning new skills doing so.
Jane's clown has a finished body, arms next I think.
We welcomed Ann to the meeting who was crocheting.
I (Tracy) was plodding on with arm warmers for Christmas presents and helping Avis with her socks.
Talk was of the forth coming Ally Pally show which a few of us are going on. By the next meeting it will only be 4 days away. Hopefully the meeting at the end of October will see the fruits of the show.
See you all next time.
Any newcomers that would like to join us please just turn up you will be made very welcome.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

7th september meeting

Last nights meeting saw 6 of us beavering away at our knitting. We welcomed deborah as a new member who was knitting a baby cardi but also showed us some very impresive hardanger work that she had done. Welcome - hope you enjoyed the evening.
Maureen was pleased with her heel turning on her trial sock and has now brought some nice sock wool.
various chatter about different things was going around and jenny and jane brought in things they no longer needed to pass on after a clear out at home.
We did talk also about how to promote the group to get some new blood involved. (work in progress I think ).

Hope to see some more faces on the 21st September.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

up date

The summer has been and gone and now is the time to get back to some serious knitting.

The meetings over the summer have been a bit hit and miss with hols and outings but lets hope we all pull back together for the winter.

Remember that the knitting and stitching show at 'ally pally' is little over a month away so all who are going will have stock for the winter and new ideas to bring to the group.

All newcomers are more then welcome, just turn up on the night and you will be welcomed to our happy group.

Friday, 10 July 2009

6th july meeting.

I have not updated for a couple of months as i have been busy with hols and family things.
Mondays meeting was full of chat and socks, 6 members there with apologies from jenny.
I helped Avis start some socks which she started well. Others were also knitting socks.
Jane was doing a log cabin blanket, this should be nice once finished.
Next meeting is on 20th July at the normal time 7.30pm.
Hope to see you all there. All new comers are more then welcome to join us.

Monday, 18 May 2009

18th May Meeting

Only 5 of us here tonight but there was some good knitting and chat.
Anita finished her bag and is slowly being convinced to knit socks..
The time went quick with chatter and there was a few new magazines to browse through.
Hopefully we will have a few more on the next meeting on 1st June.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sorry for not getting there last night but it was another late night at work!!!
I have had an e-mail from Jenny and she told me about last nights meeting and has asked me to do the blog.
We welcomed Anita into the group and left determined to start a bag.

Elizabeth is knitting again after her mishap.

Jane and Maureen had finished there children's cardigans and are looking for a new project.

Is anyone interested in World Wide Knit in Public day on 13th June. see website and see what you think.
If there is enough of us Jenny will see if we can sit under the bandstand in George yard.

REMEMBER - there is another meeting next week because of the bank holiday.

Hopefully I will be there next week.
see you all there.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I thought I would post this as I have finished it.
This is from the Book Adorable knits for tiny tots by Zoe Mellor.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Monday 20th meeting

Well what more can I say I think Carol has covered most of the meeting and with great pics as well.
We Welcomed Kay to the meeting and got her started on a project that she has pulled out of retirement. WELCOME.
The time flew passed with lots of chatter and knitting.
Elizabeth is getting better and tried a few rows of knitting.
The next 2 meetings are on 11th and 18th of May due to to many bank holidays.
Hopefully we will have a full house again.
See You all there.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Socks....ha ha

Found my third visit with the group most enjoyable, as usual. Have I mentioned that I am a novice when it comes to knitting? Haven't done anything since the age of about 18 and then not much. When I started up again, some 32 years later I could remember how to knit, but not how to cast on or cast off. Casting off wasn't a problem; I found that easy to learn again, but I could not seem to get the casting on quite right. Tracey to the rescue.....she showed me an easy, neat way to cast on which I will remember, so thanks for that and then.......starting my socks - Whoa....too many needles - Jan helped me and pointed out how I should be careful not to get them twisted, thanks Jan. Well I won't say that they are the easiest thing to knit and I have probably bitten off more than I can chew, but I hope I end up with something that I can wear and if they aren't that good, well no one sees them under your boots, ha ha. It is 11:25pm and I am on my third round and have decided to unravel it and start again as one needle looks nice and neat, but the other two really do not. plus I seem to have dropped a stitch on one needle and gained a stitch on the other needle......told you I was a novice, but I feel like a ten ear old and I KNOW that you learn more from your mistakes than anything else, so I will soldier on. Above you can just see the top of a sock knitted by Tracey and a beautiful toddler's jacket, isn't it lovely.
Here we have an almost completed sock being modelled by Judy, aren't they lovely, I just had to photograph this!


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

April 6th meeting

Mondays meeting saw fewer members this time but we are leading up to Easter.
There were still 7 of us and a good night of knitting and chatting was had.
Elizabeth was not knitting as she has broke her arm( hope it gets better soon)
I was helping Mavis create a hat in Very chunky yarn. Jenny was trying to finish her socks.
We all had a good evening and meet again on Monday 20th April.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Knitting Socks?

Okay, you have worn me down Tracy and I have gone and bought some sock wool, but now in a dilemma as to what sock pattern to chose from.......HELP! Maybe you can help me here so I have something to bring along to our next meeting on Monday? Do you have a link that I can follow so I at least know what size needles to buy? I have looked on the Internet for some patterns, but want something either easy to follow or something you recommend.

Yours confused......


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

march 16th meeting

Another good meeting was had.
A new member was welcomed into the group. welcome Anne
Jenny was teaching Judy to knit socks and I am sure we will get Carol doing the same.
Ruth was going great guns with her scarf(and chocolate)
10 members at this meeting which meant pulling two tables together.
Talk was varied from knitting to babies/pets names.
Next meeting is on 6th April 7.30
see you all there.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hi - I have attended only one meeting, but enjoyed it immensely. I haven't been for the last three as I either didn't have a knitting project on the go, the snow arrived or was unable to make it for other commitments. I recommend anyone wanting to join in with the banter or just needing some advice to go along - it costs nothing more than the price of a cup of coffee and there is a very friendly atmosphere. I am just a beginner and hadn't knitted for 30 years and only know the basic plain and pearl, I even had to look up on the Internet how to cast on and off because I couldn't remember...I got the impression that all are welcome and we are! Someone had even brought books for me to look at, which inspired me to choose something to knit!

Hopefully see you there on the 16th March then.


Monday, 2 March 2009

Monday 2nd march meeting

This was a good meeting with a fair few there.
Talk was of socks, socks and more socks with Jenny anticipating
a pair of poodle socks.
Most of the knitting going on was with random/self patterning yarns.
We talked about the launch of the new blog and how to get everyone onto it.

Next meeting will be on 16th march.
see you all there.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

forgot to add that we meet at 7.30 and tommorow night is the first meeting this month.

braintree knitters

This is the new blogg for the braintree knitting group.
we meet on the 1st and 3rd monday of the month at The horse and Groom public house in rayne Road braintree