Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Knitting Socks?

Okay, you have worn me down Tracy and I have gone and bought some sock wool, but now in a dilemma as to what sock pattern to chose from.......HELP! Maybe you can help me here so I have something to bring along to our next meeting on Monday? Do you have a link that I can follow so I at least know what size needles to buy? I have looked on the Internet for some patterns, but want something either easy to follow or something you recommend.

Yours confused......



tracy said...

Carol, sorry you was not there last night. I have an easy pattern for your socks. If the wool is 4ply you will need 2.5mm needles if DK them 3mm needles. I will try and find a link for you so you can impress next time and have started them.

tracy said...

Hi Carol
Here is a link to sock patterns.
You are better off starting with a top down pattern. So pick a sock any sock!!!!.
I will bring the basic sock pattern to the next meeting if you would rather that. Tracy

Carolands said...

Thank you Tracy I will follow the link and bring my already started socks (hopefully) with me at the next meeting. I wasn't feeling well Monday night, which is why I didn't come along, will see you next time :) The wool is 4 ply, so I will buy the right size needles.

Brilliant! I can't wait, but feel that this is a big challenge for me.